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Summer Birding: Acros - Marsh Warbler

Hi all,
Acro warbler's for some people are just a 'No No' to go into identification. Most warbler's that look like a 'Reed' warbler are noted as a Eurasian Reed warbler. But for some of us we like to delve deeper into the identification of the acros which can be a bit of a head wreaker!!! (Give me a Blue-headed wagtail any day!). 
So, on the 27th of June I came across a juvenile Little ringed plover (Still a decent rare bird in Ireland), on my patch Chore Marsh, Co. Wexford. While photographing the bird flying overhead calling I watched it drop into a muddy area beyond the start of the 'Central' reedbed. So accordingly I walked over to this patch which cuts through the reeds and has a channel on either side. Not managing to relocating the LRP after about an hour searching I was just at the end of the track to head back to the original LRP site I heard a warbler singing it's heart out, didn't sound right for a Reed warbler. So that got me thinki…